Clan MacIntyre Association

The Mission of Clan MacIntyre

The purpose or purposes for which the association is organized are to:

  • Educate the membership and the public about the history and lore of Clan MacIntyre;

  • Publish MacIntyre prose, poetry, and music;

  • Locate and preserve the historic documents, sites, and relics of Clan MacIntyre and secure all or part of Glen Noe as the symbolic homeland of Clan MacIntyre for members of Clan MacIntyre the world over;

  • Provide access to information and to teach the skills required to locate our MacIntyre ancestors;

  • Cultivate, strengthen, and honor the traditional Scottish and Gaelic ties of family, kinship, and clanship through annual meetings, highland games, and other means of communication among members of Clan MacIntyre and the association;

  • Foster and promote the proper wearing of the MacIntyre tartans, crest badge, accoutrements, and Scottish costume to show pride in our heritage;

  • Honor clansmen and clanswomen who have achieved favorable recognition in the greater society or for their service to Clan MacIntyre;

  • Stimulate, inspire, and perpetuate the traditions, spirit, values, qualities and attitudes that have carried Clan MacIntyre to greatness and sustained us through hardship;

  • Establish branches as needed in other countries under a "commissioner" with power and responsibilities defined by regulations enacted by the council.